The entire RCEL setup ranging from the equipment to courses is designed to drive entrepreneurial aspiration among students. The equipment and courses will help the student to ideate, conceptualize, prototype, validate and produce an idea. RCEL teaches the entire product development life cycle, which helps the studen in forming an idea to start-up.

The Robotics Centre for Enhanced Learning is a state-of-the-art robotics laboratory with integrated curriculum, emphasizing practical and experiential learning for Engineering students.

Related curriculum and online tutorials will be handed over to the colleges and faculties are guided to deploy the curriculum spread across six semesters. The curriculum teaches the students about ideation, conceptualizing, prototyping and validating the working model of a technology product.

All the courses in the curriculum are designed to equip students with required technical expertise in product engineering, soft and entrepreneurial skills by the time of graduation. RCEL lays great emphasis on enhancing communication, organizational, managerial and presentation skills of the students.

Students enhance their technical expertise and research-oriented mindset through hands-on learning. They will enhance their soft, life and business skills to emerge as a skilled engineer. They will be ready by the time they graduate their prospects of getting employed in a suitable job will be significantly enhanced.

The RCEL Deployment process

  • A complete RCEL Lab with required equipment, curriculum and roadmap will be set up in the college.
  • A detailed 100 hours of training will be provided to faculties of the college with a clear roadmap and handholding for the first year of the lab.
  • Faculties form the batches and sets up the RCEL framework for registered students.
  • Each student will be provided with an RCEL user account for accessing online content, assessments, certification and career planning guidance.

All the courses material  certified from iCarnegie Global, a subsidiary of CMU University.