Robox  for Schools

Robox is formed with a vision to take practical and experiential learning to all visionary educational institutions, schools and students across the world. As part of this vision, Robox Labs can be set up across institutions. The Robox STEM labs also work as channels to form tie-ups with international universities, partners, educational bodies and companies to provide unlimited opportunities for students to excel and grow in their areas of interests.

Schools have distinct advantages of a robotics lab, detailed operational models, curriculum, dedicated trainer facilities, options to participate in global robotics and programming competitions.

The mode of deployment involves providing

  • 15 Robox kits
  • 30 Roboguru software licenses
  • Dedicated year-long training
  • Curriculum of 50 workshops - All Grades
  • Assessment reports
  • Year-long support
  • Video tutorials
  • Competitions
  • Online certification and branding


Vacation classes

At Robox we believe in developing children’s inherent curiosity. Our vacation programs challenge, inspire, and engage students in all areas of STEM education. Sign-up today for an unforgettable vacation with coding, robotics, and more. We are passionate about shaping the future by teaching children the coding and robotics skills required for the Digital Age.