TGS seeks to enhance education processes and give learners the capability to understand and provide practical hands-on experience. Our products and educational systems seek to impart a wide range of skills that can benefit them in their professional and personal lives. We make sure that students develop their communication, leadership and teamwork skills and emerge as capable individuals. Our robotics learning division helps students seamlessly understand STEM concepts and apply them in a practical way, paving the way for in-depth learning.

  • Robotics Learning
  • Programming
  • Skill & Personality Development
  • Film-based Life Skills Learning

Revolution in STEM Education

Play & Learn Programming

Interactive, intelligent and easy to use software with a 3D game like structure which enables a student to code in simple English like instructions.

Build Mechanical Structures

Components include blocks, motors, gears, sprockets, sensors, wheels and so on to help the students to put his/her idea into action

Automate Mechanics

RoboBrain is a brick with a reprogrammable circuit which can be programmed through Roboguru Software. It can add intelligence to a mechanical structure to execute a wide variety of tasks.

Master STEM Concepts

learn various science and math concepts in the course of high school curriculum with detailed instructions and trainer videos

New Approach to practical learning

Turn students into enthusiastic and active learners through our system. The Robox kit helps students understand programming easily and practically apply concepts they learn.

Benefits for schools

In today's fast changing economic times, it is imperative that the academic institutions provide opportunities to the students to develop and channelize their skills and talents towards meeting industrial expectations without compromising on the goal of academic excellence.

Play to learn. Learn to play

Using robots in school curriculum will strengthen the quality of STEM education for students by enabling educators to use innovative learning materials & improved teaching strategies and their by it will also help educators to keep up the self motivation of students. With an abundance of motivated students, your institution can benefit in many ways.