Online Mathletics

BD 75.00


It is a 3 month program , weekly 2 session of 60-90 mins, monthly 8 sessions

In a competitive world, which recognizes nothing but victory, the pressure for performance is all pervasive without any exception all are subjected to it, including children. Today, to prove
themselves worthy, they needs skills in addition to what they are taught at school in form of a routine curriculum. And this is what, in nutshell.

ABACUS mental arithmetic education has become very popular today and realizing the benefits reaching the children TGS SDP has a very unique and a scientifically proven concept Abacus
Mental Arithmetic Program.

Vedic Mathematics that has helped millions of children in various countries all over the world. This has now been introduced by us and thousands of children are being benefited through this

The secret math method that allows children to calculate lightning fast sums easily in their head – making the FEAR of MATH a thing of the past!