Talia Global Solutions (TGS) is an infrastructure and technology service provider in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We are your one-stop shop for integrated technology solutions. We offer clients a comprehensive range of innovative services that will pave the way to better enhance your business, and position your organization for sustainable success.

Our ever-growing portfolio includes solutions for robotics education, marketing and advertising, business process automation and web solutions.

Our team of professionals is experienced in assessing your needs. Predominantly, our clients include public and private corporations, who continue to benefit from our expertise in engineering, electrical, networking, construction, design and execution services.

TGS empowers your company to succeed. We work with businesses that strive to generate revenue furthering their profit margin, and are keen to eliminate time-consuming and expensive processes, which result in decisions made due to the lack of effective management information. We customize fully integrated technology solutions that improve the way businesses communicate, and save valuable time and money. TGS software solutions improve the flow and management of your information for you to improve business functions, enrich decisions made and respond to changes in customer and market demands faster. Our cost effective software solutions provide your business with the competitive edge through a range of benefits such as instant access to information, IT reliability, scalability, operational redundancy and customer service.

Our robotics education wing empowers learners to gain insight into the world of automation and programming as well as offer students an internationally accredited system. We work with schools to set up advanced STEM education labs and provide the requisite learning packages along with the curriculum.

As your committed business partner, TGS listens carefully to your challenges, and explores with you the endless possibilities for your business. We share your vision, and help to make it a reality through the delivery of innovative IT solutions, and various services that will only drive your business forward to greater heights of success.